About Heidi K. Gardner

Heidi K. Gardner, PhD

Bio: Heidi K. Gardner, Ph.D., is a Distinguished Fellow at Harvard Law School’s Program on the Legal Profession, a Harvard Lecturer on Law, and Faculty Chair of HLS’s Accelerated Leadership Program for Law Firm Partners executive education course. Previously she served on the Organizational Behavior faculty of Harvard Business School. Her research focuses on leadership, collaboration and management in professional service firms, and she is currently writing a book on the topic to be published by HBR Press in 2016. Professor Gardner is also co-editor of the forthcoming book Leadership for Lawyers, to be published by Globe for the International Bar Association. Her research was awarded the Academy of Management’s Prize for Outstanding Practical Implications for Management. She has published her research in prestigious peer-reviewed academic journals, Harvard Business Review, and practitioner-focused print and digital media including the Financial Times, American Lawyer, HBR Online, and more. Professor Gardner has lived and worked on four continents, including as a management consultant for McKinsey & Co. and a Fulbright Fellow. She earned a BA in Japanese Studies from the University of Pennsylvania (summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa), a Masters from the London School of Economics (with honors), and a Doctorate from London Business School. She can be reached on hgardner@law.harvard.edu and on Twitter @HeidiGardnerPhD.

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One thought on “About Heidi K. Gardner

  1. Was in her class in March 2014 ,Leading Professional Service Firm,we also met in New York early April 2014 in American Bar Association Conference. Can confirm her suitability in what she teaches and how she communicates most appropriately.Though her intimidating CV says it all,as she combines beauty and brain.


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