Collaboration as “Revenge”

This week I hoped to see messages of bridge-building trump those of divisiveness.  Fearing otherwise, I had threatened to pack my bags if the election fell the other way.

But one of my mentors always told me that “success is the best revenge.”  So rather than run away, I woke up today more motivated than ever to promote collaboration and all the positive benefits associated with a strategy of inclusion.

Helping to make thousands of people more successful by working across traditional dividing lines is my personal way of repudiating the idea that walls are a good solution for overcoming differences.  My research proves the opposite:  people are indeed stronger, more successful, and more resilient when they collaborate. For some of the evidence, see prior posts, this article, or this webinar.  I encourage you to reach out today to strengthen a connection or start to build a team to collectively tackle a tough issue.

Collaboration – in a positive spirit, let’s move forward together.

2 thoughts on “Collaboration as “Revenge”

  1. The condescending attitude toward people of conscience who do not agree with you is why your apparent enemy just got elected. “Fight”? Really? Collaboration as Revenge?

    The way we see the problem is the problem.


  2. I admit that I disagree with people who condone divisiveness and exclusion, whether in the workplace or the wider world. I am not ashamed to fight for my ideals, but I fully admit that I need to be careful not to unintentionally exclude people with different views. I sincerely mean to reach across divides, and hope to work toward that in my research. Thank you for contributing to a debate and a re-framing of the issue, which are both important pillars of collaboration.


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