Structural overlays to boost cross-discipline working

I’m writing a new article for Harvard Business Review that expands on some material from my book (more info on the book launch coming soon), and looking for an example for the following paragraph:

It’s important to create an organizational structure that supports cross-discipline collaboration.  This may be less about changing existing, formal reporting lines and more about creating an overlay, as was the case at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. [which is explained earlier in the article].   Such overlays are relatively common in large professional service firms, which are now moving toward a sector-based approach that mirrors their clients’ industries and helps align internal experts with the needs of those industries.  But there are plenty of other types of companies bringing together their employees in creative, informal ways to promote innovation or serve customers better.  For example, ___.

Do you know of any non-PSF examples that fit the bill of using “creative, informal ways” or structures to promote innovation or improve customer service?   Perhaps a Center of Excellence that brings together experts across various business units to tackle an issue in a more customer-centric way?  Any leads welcome (articles, anecdotes, contacts, etc.).


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