This is my first-ever progress update (instead of ideas from the book), but these 2 important steps warrant a post:

  • I have submitted the full manuscript to Harvard Business Press, and it’s currently under editorial review, and
  • We have agreed on a full title: “SMART COLLABORATION: How Professionals and Their Firms Succeed by Breaking Down Silos

I cannot wait for you to read it!  You’ll see that many of your comments – both publicly posted ones and privately emailed ones–have deeply influenced my thinking.  Once I see what the editor returns, I’ll come back to you individually if we’re going to use a direct quote, even if it’s unattributed.

It’s still hard to predict when the book will actually come out in print.  After I revise it based on the editor’s feedback, the manuscript then gets sent out for peer review.  Depending on the extensive of those comments –and the speed with which I can revise it –the book should go into copy editing in the spring.  From there, it’s even less in my control (which, I’m sure you know, will drive me nuts).

I’m committed to keeping this Idea Space active, and will begin posting new content within the next couple weeks.  I hope you’ll stay tuned.


8 thoughts on ““SMART COLLABORATION” update

  1. Heidi- thanks for the update. Looking forward to speaking at your class on Monday Feb 29 at 1 pm.


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